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Frequently asked questions

What's swap method?

Our swap method is a monthly subscription based program. Our members receive a motivational piece of well-designed art to hang it up in the wall (So they can be the most productive on every journey they take!). When the next piece comes the following month, our members swap them and send us the unhang back at no cost.

How it works?

It's super easy! It’s super easy! First, enroll to our monthly subscription though our web page. Second, choose which category (or categories) will keep your motivation bold! Third chose a size (or sizes) of your preference. And voilá! Every month you will receive an anonymous inspirational piece of art.

What's our goal?

Our goal is to improve your workspace's environment and your own motivation. Swap Quotes believes self-motivation is the key to success.

What categories do we have, for you, to be inspired to?

You can choose one or as many categories you like. Our clients will receive the best quotes on leadership, entrepreneurship, personal goals, design, marketing, advertising and business.

What's our product & what sizes do we offer?

Product: our designs are printed on an acid-free canvas. This elegantly textured canvas features a soft-gloss surface with a bright white point. Size: you can choose any size according to the space you have to display your next motivational canvas. We offer 20”x20”, 20”x30”, 24”x36” or 30”x30".

Who are we?

Swap Quotes is a growing company focusing on keeping its customers with a positive state of mind all year long. Keep motivation bold.